Product features

130° Wide Vision

The 130° of viewing capacity can cover the entire front end of your car and three lanes(the driving lanes and nearby lanes on both sides).If an accident occurs,the dash cam will automatically record the adjacent lane conditions.

1080P Full HD

The Mstar image processing chip offers high fidelity H.264 video compression,encoding and storage,resulting in a clear,high-definition video.

Voice Control

With your hands on the wheel, where they should be, you can still capture the perfect still shots or videos with just your voice commands. And you can review back the beautiful scenes and happy moments through 70 MAI APP at any time.


As for the picture quality,it's quite good.


I'm impressed with the 70MAI dash cam in its easy of use and the quality of its image. 

Scotte Koegier

This is the first dash cam that I've heard of that you can control with your voice.

Julie Strietelmeler

This new dash cam has a built-in AI and aims to simplify in car recording and make it safer to use while driving.

Jared Weintraub